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Tiles And Finishes

We offer a wide range of tiles and other finishes.
Nordic are not tied to a single tile supplier and will be pleased to quote for a specific tile of your choice.

Generator + Controller


Nordic residential steambaths transform your shower into a personal home spa retreat. Adding Mr.Steam Aromasteam oils, Chromasteam lights and MusicTherapy sounds to your steam shower will enhance your steam bathing experience. Steam may help relieve tired muscles as warmth penetrates the body. Warm moisture opens the pores of your skin, leaving it softer and more supple. Perspiration during steam bathing may remove impurities from your body. Improved breathing and a sense of cleanliness contribute to a feeling of wellness and fitness. View our range of Steam Generators in Store

  • Compact, fits within a cabinet, closet, vanity, basement, or heated attic
  • Plain English limited lifetime steam generator warranty
  • Unitized Stainless Steel reservoir
  • Modular "snap-in" connections
  • Electronic water-level control system
  • Industrial, large diameter, serviceable heating element
  • Full-port drain valve
  • Self-diagnostic LED indicators
  • All models UL/eUL listed and CE operation certified
Nordic Steam Generator
All Generators come complete with -
Nordic iSteam Controller
iSteam 3.0™

The iSteam's revolutionary touch screen display and feature-rich menu offer an unsurpassed, customizable user experience. Along with a stunning graphic interface and bespoke design by world-renowned Industrial designer David Farrage, whose experience with Movado and Lamborghini is evident in iSteam's contemporary styling. View the iSteam 3.0 in Store

  • Standard with AromaSteam SteamHead
  • Award-winning intuitive touch screen control
  • Controls temperature, time, AromaSteam, ChromaSteam3 and AudioSteam3
  • User interface available in six different languages
  • Choice of screen modes - black or white
  • Autostart programming, gets your steam shower ready for each day of the week
  • Real time clock, ambient temperature, passcode protection
  • Program custom settings for up to eight users
  • Works with SteamLinx Module and Mobile App
  • Available in Black or White
Nordic iSteam Controller

The new AirTempo™ control offers users exceptional functionality and the convenience of a remote control while also providing substantial time and labour savings to install. The steam shower industry's first wireless control for the home, users can decide upon the optimal placement of the control. View in Store

  • Comes with colour matching Steam Head outlet
  • Wireless, no messy cables, installs on glass or almost any steam room wall material
  • Docking station allows removal for remote start
  • Adjusts preferences including temperature and duration
  • Controls the optional AromaSteam and Chroma72 lighting
  • Capacitive touch panel, LCD display
  • 60-foot range from generator
  • 100% waterproof electronic assembly - use inside/outside steam room
  • Works with SteamLinx Module and Mobile App
Nordic iSteam Controller

It's never been easier to take control of your steam shower experience! The MrSteam iTempo™ control family features a digital display, with adjustable temperature settings. View in Store

  • Flush-mounted
  • Available in round or square styles, forged in solid brass with an elegant metal finish
  • Digital display lets you program temperature settings
  • Standard 60-minute timer
  • Works with SteamLinx Module and Mobile App for Wireless Control
  • Comes with matching iTempo AromaSteam SteamHead

Designer finishes available in Store

Nordic iSteam Controller

AutoFlush is a Mr. Steam exclusive: an automatic self-cleaning system that promotes a long, healthy life for steam generators without you having to lift a finger. View in Store

  • AutoFlush automatically and electronically flushes the generator of sediment two hours after every steambath.
  • With no buttons to push, you can't possibly forget to initiate draining.
  • Water is flushed into a back drain, not into your beautiful shower.
  • The generator water tank is emptied, leaving it sediment and residue free between each use.
  • The system quietly flushes impurities through an electronically-activated value - no small opening to clog.
  • AutoFlush ushers in fresh water at the start of every steam shower, assuring clean steam every time.
  • AutoFlush technology improves generator performance and lengthens the life of the steam spa
Nordic iSteam Outlet
iSteam Outlet Head
  • Standard with every iSteam control
  • No field assembly required
  • No moving parts
  • Integrated aromatherapy oil well for in-shower use
  • Available in black & white


Nordic Audiowizard
AudioWizard Sound System
  • Is a streaming Bluetooth sound system that can be used in any shower, with or without a Mr. Steam shower system
  • Plays digital music files or internet radio wirelessly, from your smartphone or device
  • Includes an AUX connection, allowing you to hook up a CD player, television set, iPad and more
  • Has one convenient wall-mount stainless steel enclosure that includes the amp and power supply with simple plug-and-play connections for the control and speakers
  • Pairs up to eight audio devices and up to four speakers for complete bathroom and shower coverage
  • Seamlessly connects to a dedicated in-shower remote or the premier iSteam Touch to control play/pause, last track, next track, mute and volume
Nordic iSteam Speakers
MusicTherapy Speakers
  • Designed for use inside or outside the shower enclosure
  • Ceiling, flush mount
  • Square 7.06"x7.06" Round: 6.5" diameter
  • Two-way marine-grade speakers, polypropylene cones
  • ABS frames with white powder coated grills
  • Suitable for most sources of audia input
  • Rated 60W peak power with full range sound
  • 30 watts RMS and 8 ohm impedance

View all entertainment in Store


AromaSteam System

The AromaSteam System evenly infuses essential oils into the steam environment via an electronic oil delivery system for a seamless integration of aromatherapy. Complete with in-shower control switch, oil container caddy, hoses, fittings and oil atomizer. View the AromaSteam System in Store

  • Balances the distribution of steam and essential aroma oil during steambathing
  • Lets you add Aromas for an unequalled aromatherapy experience
  • AromaSteam System oils are available in long-lasting 1L bottles
Chakra Oils

Specially formulated essential oils extracted from organic flowers and plant material. The Chakra blends may support the body's specific needs.

Chakra Red Vitality

Feeling sluggish? The essence of Red Vitality may help you feel invigorated.

Energy Orange

Energy Orange essence for a motivating experience that may help lessen sexual inhibitions.

Yellow Awakening

Introduce the Yellow Awakening essence into the steam room, which may help improve memory and concentrations.

Green Harmony

Green Harmony essence may help to reduce stress and restore a sense of balance.


Lighting Options

Nordic can offer various feature lighting systems that make use of cutting edge LED technology to enhance your sauna. LED's offer flicker free colour change across the complete colour spectrum. The lights can be hidden in the ceiling, flush to the surface - creating a twinkling starry effect or concealed in the wall / under the benching. The options as vast and Nordic can create a bespoke lighting system to meet your specific demands.


This from of LED lighting allows for a mood enhancing steam room experience - known as chromatherapy. This is the use of coloured lights in your bathroom / shower in order to enhance one's mood. This, combined with the heat from the sauna and aromatherapy can create a soothing bathing experience. View Chroma lighting in Store

Salt Inhalation

Nordic Salt Bricks
Himalayan Salt Bricks
  • Helps with Sinus Ailments
  • May Help Reduce Swelling and Redness
  • May Help Lower Blood Pressure
  • Deepens Breath Capacity and Promotes Mental Calmness
  • Aids in Promoting Sound Sleep