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Wood Types

From The Forests Of Northern Europe

Nordic Timber

Nordic is able to supply a range of timbers, the ones listed are only a small sample of what is possible. All Nordic timber is slowly grown in the forests of northern Europe, and then harvested in a sustainable manner ensuring the survival of the forests. No matter which timber you choose, it will come from an FSC approved source. Nordic can also supply many specialist timbers such as Kelo. Visit our Store to view all our wood benching and wall options

Thermo Treated Wood

We also provide Thermo-Treated Wood - this is wood that has been heated to 400F (in special conditions). Steam ensures that the wood does not crack and once it comes out of the heat chamber it is more durable, weather resistant and less prone to warping. It is a new breed of material that allows for resistance and stability - as the wood lasts much longer than untreated wood it is also ecologically friendly. Visit our Store to view all thermo wood benching and wall options

Thermo Treated


Aromatherapy enhances your sauna experience with a range of aromas that will enliven your senses. Aromatherapy, treatment using scents, is the perfect complement to a bio sauna. Nordic is able to offer commercial dosage delivery systems ensuring automated aromatherapy to enhance the sauna experience. Visit the Store for more info.


Promotes calming and relaxing effects.


Calms nerves, improves memory, confidence and creativity.


Invigorates the senses, improves circulation and relieves headaches.


Stimulates, soothes and cools.


Nordic offers an extensive range of German made sauna stoves and controls. Available in sizes from 4.5kw to 36kw. All Nordic Sauna stoves comply with current European regulations and are CE and VDE certified.

Our stoves have been designed to minimise the contact between the element and the rocks. This ensures the maximum performance, for the minimum power consumption, ensuring the elements inside the stove have the maximum possible lifespan.

Every stove is complimented by a range of control systems that includes impressive touch screen LCD panels that will control all the systems inside the sauna, to simple to operate commercial systems. Visit the Store for our extensive range of stoves

Nordic S-Line Heater

Nordic is pleased to offer the exclusive S Line range from EOS. These stoves take the concept of sauna bathing to a higher level in terms of appearance and exclusivity. View S-Line Stoves in store

Nordic Bio Heater

With a Nordic Bio evaporator system, your sauna can be transformed into a diversified humid air bath or a luxurious beauty-oasis. With Nordic Bio heater's integrated evaporators, the steam is introduced directly and distributed optimally into the cabin. Oils and essences are placed into the supplied evaporator bowl, which transform the sauna bath into an aromatically exhilarating experience for the senses. View Bio Stoves in store

Nordic Traditional Heater

Traditional sauna heaters are suitable for both domestic and commercial saunas, and are wall mounted. View Traditional Stoves in store


Nordic EmoTouch Controller

Nordic can offer all types of controls, each offer different functions depending on the use required. Nordic is developing new controllers continually, so be sure to ask for the latest information. View our current range of controllers in store

Emo Touch III
  • Digital control system for sauna, steam room and hammam. Ideal for both domestic and commercial use
  • Completely new design - exclusive rimless glass front display with a 7" capacitive colour touch screen display panel
  • Fully redesigned graphic user interface - now with the choice of vari-ous cabin design
  • Fully redesigned menu navigation and operation - makes operation faster, easier and more intuitive
  • Can control up to 8 separate cabins from one display panel
  • Smart menu navigation with 22 languages
  • Innovative guided setup and numerous smart control functions to make control simple, quick and easy as never before
Nordic EmoTouch Controller
EmoStyle D¡
  • Premium class electronic sauna control unit for demanding design oriented domestic and commercial use. For dry Finnish sauna operation
  • Display panel suitable for installation inside sauna rooms
  • Stylish glass design display panel with natural wood inlay. Inno-vative operation via capacitive buttons
  • Black or white design with acer or walnut wood inlays
  • Overheating protection
  • TFT colour display with multi-language navigation, 18 languages
  • Optional F2 humidity sensor and bench sensor available


Lighting Options

Nordic can offer various feature lighting systems that make use of cutting edge LED technology to enhance your sauna. LED's offer flicker free colour change across the complete colour spectrum. The lights can be hidden in the ceiling, flush to the surface - creating a twinkling starry effect or concealed in the wall / under the benching. The options as vast and Nordic can create a bespoke lighting system to meet your specific demands.


This from of LED lighting allows for a mood enhancing sauna experience - known as chromatherapy. This is the use of coloured lights in your bathroom / shower in order to enhance one's mood. This, combined with the heat from the sauna and aromatherapy can create a soothing bathing experience.


Nordic offers a wide range of the highest quality Sauna accessories. For our full range visit our Store

Nordic Bucket


Nordic Bucket


Nordic Ladel


Nordic Ladel


Nordic Ladel


Nordic Ladel

Stainless Steel

Nordic Thermometer


Nordic Robe


Nordic Towel


Nordic Robe


Nordic Brush

Bamboo Body Brush

Nordic Brush

Bamboo Nail Brush

Nordic Brush

Bamboo Bath Brush